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MHSAA "benchmarks"

The MHSAA benchmarks publications are available online. The magazine is distributed to athletic administrators, coaches and officials three times per school year, in September, January and May. We hope you will enjoy reading  benchmarks as much as we enjoyed creating it. Click the photo at right or here  to view a PDF of the current magazine.

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Airing It Out is a behind-the-scenes look at some of the trials and tribulations experienced by former MHSAA  Executive Director Jack Roberts during his 32-year tenure.  Lasting Impressions 
Lasting Impressions Be sure to check out Lasting Impressions, the second volume of editorials from Executive Director Jack Roberts.   Lasting Impressions

MHSAA Bulletin

BulletinPublished periodically each school year from 1927-2009, the MHSAA Bulletin served as the MHSAA's comprehensive business publication for more than eight decades.  The publication mainly comprised minutes of meetings of the Representative Council and all MHSAA committee meetings, mixing in staff and guest editorials. Official policies regarding MHSAA tournaments and reminders of other policies and procedures were also included. The Bulletin issues from 1998-99 through 2008-09 are archived on this website. Follow the link below.

MHSAA Bulletin Archives >>

MHSAA Mentor

MentorPublished from 2004-05 through 2008-09, Mentor  was geared toward coaches and officials. Content included philosophies of coaching/officiating, feature stories, and policies of interscholastic athletics in Michigan. The publication was actually a combination of two newsletters which merged in Fall 2004 -- Stripes (for officials only) and Mentor (for coaches). Mentor archives can be accessed by following the link below.

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The MHSAA's premier publication, benchmarks, offers national and local content impacting school sports in addition to administrative regulations and business components affecting MHSAA schools and officials. Benchmarks replaced the long-standing MHSAA Bulletin and Mentor in 2009-10, offering more in-depth accounts and an enhanced design. Benchmarks is printed three times per year: in the fall, winter and spring.

Archived issues of the Bulletin and Mentor appear on this page. These publications were formerly printed seperately, with the Bulletin largely aimed at school administrators, while Mentor served as a vehicle for coaches and officials.

In addition to the publications found on this page, the MHSAA also offers a printed version of the School Directory each fall.

Another publication, GamePlans, is provided only via email six times each year to coaches who complete coursework in the MHSAA’s Coaches Advancement Program (CAP).

Guest Contributors

Got an experience you'd like to share with your peers in school sports? Have you read a poignant editorial in another publication which embodies the essence of interscholastic athletics? Would you like to voice an opinion regarding articles in our past publications? Submit your contributions for possible inclusion in the next issue of benchmarks by clicking here. We encourage and value reader contributions and feedback.