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Sometimes after our best efforts to explain a rule are not successful and a request to waive the rule is not approved, someone will want to change the rule for the future. 

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School administrators have learned . . . it is not only necessary to define the interscholastic season and limit what can occur during it, but also it is necessary to define and limit what can occur out of season. 

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The higher the stakes and the greater the resulting tendency of some people to try to gain unfair competitive advantage, the greater the need for rules.

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Administrators of school sports need a good answer to this question that will be posed by some people after they have discovered that a student is ineligible or a contest is forfeited.

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In Michigan, schools make for themselves the rules which serve and support interscholastic athletics.  The rules cover hundreds of policies and procedures for administration of local programs.

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MHSAA membership is free of charge, and its postseason tournaments are without any entry fees.  All that’s required is a commitment to institutional control, that is, to apply the rules locally. 

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It is often said that watching a committee work is like making sausage – not pretty, but necessary for a good result. 

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April 15 has long been held in ill repute because it’s usually the deadline for filing taxes with the Internal Revenue Service. 

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