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More likely reasons for the gap between the number of schools serving 7th- and 8th-graders and the number of those schools belonging to the MHSAA are these:

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In state after state, the NFL paraded young people with sad stories in front of state legislators looking for good headlines.

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I spent almost all of my days as a competitive athlete in a position where all the other players were in my field of vision.

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“Television” is rarely free to viewers today. Ninety percent of people who watch video broadcasts of sporting events today pay for that privilege . . .

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It is during these months and the next that the MHSAA deals with the most stressful of forfeitures caused by the participation of ineligible players.

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More than a dozen years after our second and last son moved permanently from our home, a 19-year-old has moved in. She’s lived in South Korea, the Philippines and China . .

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When we invite what appear to be relatively easy outside solutions to difficult internal problems, we invite more serious problems.

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Michigan’s regressive law that penalizes public schools for demanding earlier or longer academic school days and years is worse than merely being contrary to common sense; it’s in opposition to the best interests of our children.

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