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In a world where people seem often to be tearing things down, he said, “These programs build things up.”

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Some critics may focus on what they can’t do in the summer; but clearly, there’s much they can do, and it’s all designed to help players improve and excel in a safe environment.

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The most important thing about a story, and about a person, is what you don’t know, which gets to the heart of the weakness of much of modern media.

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I have been convicted to think more about programs under our watch . . . and to think about how local school sports programs can be involved in improving the safe culture of our schools.

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Any system that allows such lavish expenditures on the sports program and its personalities the way it is allowed in NCAA Division 1 football and basketball will continue to have serious problems . . .

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That person will usually be incredulous when we respond (to a suggestion) that the project or problem is beyond the authority of the MHSAA or beyond the capacity of the MHSAA’s resources.

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We are engaged in very serious discussions. They’re not only complicated, with unintended negative consequences possible . . . they’re also a matter of life and death.

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"It seems to me the more a culture of sportsmanship and fair play is established, the more likely any team is to demonstrate the consistency needed for success."

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