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They settled arguments on the spot. They had to bring their own equipment, and take care of it. And if the ball went out of play, they had to hunt for it until they found it . . .

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Although middle school and even elementary school tournaments exist in many states, only a very small number of our constituents in Michigan promote the idea of statewide tournaments for junior high/middle school students.

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It is often cited and well-documented that, today, 80 to 90 percent of all youth who ever started playing organized sports have stopped doing so by age 13. Before high school.

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Even as a headstrong, self-centered adolescent, it occurred to me that not being able to play as much as one might want, or not at all, had to be a terrible feeling.

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Every time we cut a kid from a high school team, we create critics of our programs – the student’s parents today and this student in the future.

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The athletic classroom is at least as pregnant with teachable moments as any other classroom of our comprehensive secondary schools.

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For 50 years the “end is near” prophecy has been present among our critics.

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It was merely a regular-season event between two nearby opponents – nothing special on the world’s soccer schedule. But it was amazing.

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