One of the few websites I allow my email to remind me to visit regularly is leadershipiq.com where Mark Murphy, CEO of Leadership IQ, blogs and links visitors to articles, books, videos and research.  I’ve frequently quoted from this site in presentations.

A recent Leadership IQ employee survey to analyze strategic awareness asked more than 30,000 employees if they could articulate their organization’s strategic goals, which Mr. Murphy asserts is foundational to organizational success.  Only 34 percent of those surveyed said they could do so; and they weren’t asked to do so, meaning the percentage of those employees who could actually do so may be even smaller.

So it occurs to me that I should state here what has been stated to staff and schools countless times – that the goals of the MHSAA are to increase the numbers of boys and girls participating in interscholastic athletics in Michigan and to raise the standards for their participation.

Participation alone is not enough.  Participation with high standards is what we’re about.  For as we raise the standards of eligibility, conduct and care, we tend to raise the value of participation for these students, their schools and their communities.

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