The “Hall of Fame” was popularized in sports before it was borrowed for business and industry and many other segments of society to recognize the best performers in those respective enterprises.  The sports world was also an early adopter of the phrase “Dream Team” which has now spread to aspects of our world that have nothing to do with sports.

FORTUNE magazine is unveiling its “Executive Dream Team” of what it calls “corporate all-stars,” extending the sports metaphor even further.

In preparation, for the Aug. 15, 2011 issue of FORTUNE, Jessica Shambora listed three skills these business leaders will surely possess – and they appeared to me to be perfectly fitting for the best of the best in school and school sports leadership.  In her words . . .

  • They rally the troops
  • They’re futurists
  • They’re number crunchers

In my words, they manage the morale, the message and the money extraordinarily well.  Exactly what our best leaders need today for administering schools and school sports.

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