One of the very many rich benefits of international travel is that it can be – and always is for me – a humbling experience.

I am humbled by citizens of other nations who know so much more about the politics and economics of my country than I know about theirs.

I am humbled by “common folk” who can move from one language to another – even to a third or fourth – with such ease while I struggle to utter an understandable “please” or “thank you” in my hosts’ language.

I am humbled by cultures whose cherished paintings and sculptures and published music and literature are centuries older than most of ours.

I am humbled by countries which have recovered with grace from repeated military conquests and from brutality that is impossible for me to understand.

All of these thoughts were traveling with me as my wife and I returned from Norway last month – humbled by the safest, cleanest, most beautiful country we had ever seen.  And five days later we were horrified by the bombing and shootings that shook that nation to its core.

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