In Michigan, schools make for themselves the rules which serve and support interscholastic athletics.  The rules cover hundreds of policies and procedures for administration of local programs.

In addition, schools have the option to adopt rules of qualification into the postseason tournaments conducted by the MHSAA.  MHSAA rules – prepared by the elected representatives of member schools (Representative Council) – are not intended to govern regular-season competition, but to determine the qualifying standards, terms and conditions for MHSAA postseason tournaments.

An ancillary but still important benefit is that by many schools adopting these tournament qualifying rules, these schools gain a greater degree of standardization and competitive equity for their regular-season competition.

For MHSAA member schools, these and other agreements are published in the MHSAA Handbook; and each year the local governing boards of member schools sign a Membership Resolution, a contract really, that they will enforce those rules locally, while the MHSAA agrees that the rules will not be changed during that school year.

The expectations of member schools include:

  • Educating student-athletes, staff and other involved personnel about MHSAA rules and procedures.
  • Monitoring compliance year-around.
  • Investigating possible violations and reporting findings.
  • Administering penalties.


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