In Michigan, each local board of education governs its local schools’ athletic programs, and it’s the Representative Council that governs the legal entity called the MHSAA.  The first of its scheduled three meetings this school year occurs Thursday.

This “fall” meeting of the Council is usually one of much discussion and few votes.  This is intended to be a meeting designed for Council members to think about issues without the tyranny of a quick vote to decide upon a course of action.  It helps prepare Council members for votes in March or May on most of the proposed changes in MHSAA policies for the 2011-12 school year that will be recommended by various committees.

The few action items on this Thursday’s agenda include policies and procedures regarding preparticipation physical examinations, for non-traditional draws in basketball and girls volleyball, and for determining if the 2011 Football Playoffs will include an eight-player division.  The Council will also be considering use of video reply to determine goals in the 2011 MHSAA Ice Hockey Semifinals and Finals at Plymouth’s Compuware Arena in March.

Also on the agenda is a member school’s request for the Council to initiate an amendment to the MHSAA Constitution to accommodate selected overage students, and a league’s request for the MHSAA to mandate reductions in the maximum number of contests each season.

But much of the meeting will be reserved for thoughtful discussion of topics which last May were targeted by the Council for study during 2010-11.  These include policies and procedures related to out-of-season coaching and in-season scrimmages.

Council meeting minutes will be posted here within 30 days after the meeting.


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