Ballots for Representative Council elections will be mailed to principals of member schools from the MHSAA office Sept. 2, 2010.  The ballots are due back in the MHSAA office Sept. 16, 2010.

Because of three retirements from school positions, an unusually large number of positions – 10 of the 14 elected positions – are involved with elections this year.  Vacancies for two-year terms beginning December 2010 will occur as follows:  Class A-B Northern Section LP, Southwestern Section LP and Southeastern Section LP; Class C-D Upper Peninsula and Northern Section LP; Statewide At-Large and Junior High/Middle School, elected on a statewide basis; and Private and Parochial High Schools.  Vacancies to fill the second year of two-year terms will occur as follows:  Class A-B Upper Peninsula, and Junior High/Middle School.

Click here for a list of candidates.

Candidates must be faculty or board of education members of MHSAA member schools; unlike many state associations, membership on the governing board is not limited to principals and/or superintendents.  The MHSAA Representative Council usually has good representation by athletic directors and other school personnel as well; and many members either are or have been coaches and/or contest officials.

The MHSAA Constitution has a provision that allows the Council to appoint up to four additional members who will help the Council better represent females and minorities, as well as all geographic areas of the state.

The Council is the governing body of the MHSAA and its tournaments, not each school district and its teams.  Local boards of education and their administrators retain the legal duty to govern and administer local programs.  And by virtue of the annual MHSAA Membership Resolution, each school promises to do so.

Schools pay nothing to join the MHSAA or to enter MHSAA tournaments.  Their obligations are not financial but administrative; and their opportunities are many, including the privilege of voting for the MHSAA Representative Council.


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