In the world of boxing, when for example a middleweight fighter packs a punch as powerful as a heavyweight, it is sometimes said that the fighter has “punch beyond his weight.”

This is precisely how I would describe school sports.

Professional sports and major college basketball and football programs may attract more media and money, and youth travel teams may attract a higher percentage of participants enamored with “the next level;” but for grassroots loyalty and lifelong lessons, nothing beats our local school-sponsored and student-centered athletic program.

Our programs cost very little, but they have a large impact.  They reach and motivate great numbers of young people to stay in school, like school and do better in school because they participate.

We may lack glitz and glamour, but we can be the generator for positive school spirit and the glue that binds a community together.

Our modest little programs pack a powerful punch.

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# Paul
Monday, June 28, 2010 10:09 PM
I could not disagree more. This might have been true before school of choice but it's no longer the case. Schools are forced to keep sports instead of teachers in fear of losing students. The average kid can't play because of the pressure to win. And because of the pressure to win, school officials are motivated to look the other way when their athletes break the rules or don't make the grade. The MHSAA already knows about the problem of recruiting. This is evident in the constant rule changes and the inability to enforce them. I have been coaching a couple of sports in a small community for the past few years travel teams and high school. The problems with high school sports are evident to anyone involved. When is the MHSAA going to pull their heads out of the sand. High school sports are college sports it's all about the money!

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