One of my counterparts in another state asked me last week, “How do you do it?”  He meant, how do I find time to prepare two blog postings every week; and he also meant, how do I find topics for 104 postings each year; and he also meant, how do I go about the actual writing?

As for finding time, it’s no problem; because writing helps me think.  It helps me clarify and prioritize.  And going public with these thoughts helps me be more certain that I’m committed to the ideas.  For me, writing daily is as important as breathing deeply.

As for finding topics, it’s rarely a problem.  I find subject matter in what I read, what I hear and what I observe in everyday life and worldwide travel.  And I’ve discovered that the richest sources for writing about school sports are often found the furthest from school sports.

And as for the actual technique, I go about it this way:  I try to provide a plain circle, and then invite readers to color it however they wish, to use any shade they prefer, to color outside the lines if they think that’s most beneficial to their situation.

When we were children we were praised for coloring within the lines and utilizing the appropriate shades for sun, sky, grass and flowers.  These days I just want to provide a blank circle and ask, “What can you do with that?”  Not dictating what readers should do, but inviting readers to take an idea and do with it what they will where they live, work and play.

At least that’s what I want to do.


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