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While the Executive Committee starts the consideration of every case with a bias toward helping the student, the Executive Committee does not accept as a blanket excuse, “It wasn’t the student’s fault.” 

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If there is one month of the year that demonstrates the difference in the MHSAA today compared to a generation ago, it is February.

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There is so much more we could be doing to transform school sports for the 21st Century.

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The transformational idea here – I don’t like it, but perhaps it’s unavoidable – is that the MHSAA must do more because of the reality that overburdened, under-resourced school personnel can only do less.

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Without getting into the policies and procedures, here is what the NFHS says about the philosophy of sanctioning interstate athletic events:

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Every policy described in the current Handbook got there as a response to people wanting more rules or recommendations . . .

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That’s the story. But it’s been mangled by most professional and social media which have rushed mindlessly to ridicule the athletic association.

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Behind the glitz and glamor of major college athletics is a program without, it appears, any rudder but the pursuit of more revenue . . .

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