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A national committee was convened last year to address seven-on-seven football. It recognized problems but could only wring its hands regarding solutions.

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Many people also recognize that well-intentioned rules to curb excesses and abuses in school sports not only do that, but also tend to drive student-athletes to non-school coaches and programs.

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With maturity and humility uncharacteristic of athletes twice his age, our newest of 17 four-time champs said: “I definitely had some great practice partners who were beating me up.”

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“Standardized achievement tests are a vital tool, but treating test scores the way a corporation might treat sales targets is wrong. Students are not widgets."

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“School systems in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Detroit and Newark have announced plans to close public schools, and in every case blacks and Hispanics will bear the biggest burden of these cost-cutting measures."

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I suspect that those are also the three major obstacles we must overcome as we think about the future of interscholastic athletics.

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This might cause us to consider more deeply what a high school sport should look like, or at least what an MHSAA tournament sport should stand for.

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It’s what we have and what the AAU doesn’t have; what US Soccer Development Academies don’t have; what club volleyball lacks and what travel ice hockey is missing.

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