Tournament Manager Resources

DISTRICT BB PROGRAM PROCEDURE: The MHSAA no longer furnishes printed covers and four-page inserts for the District Basketball Programs. These resources are available in PDF format on the Boys and Girls Basketball pages of under "Downloads" by Feb. 1 of each year, but no longer will schools receive printed materials. We do ask that managers incorporate these PDFs into their programs when possible; at minimum, schools must use the cover artwork provided, and should include the verbiage from Executive Director Mark Uyl's Welcome Letter. A text file of that welcome letter will be included under "Downloads" as well.

Host Schools are still responsible for providing programs at all levels of the MHSAA Tournament, including Districts. Schools may continue to contact Royal Publishing for production of tournament programs at any level. Contact Tanya Hollingsworth by Jan. 15 at 800-397-5834  to discuss a production timetable.

Dates to Remember

Online Rules Meetings -- 10/10 - 12/15
First practice: Nov. 21
First contest: Dec. 5
Opt-Out Due Date: Feb. 15

Districts: March 6, 8, 10
Regionals: March 13, 15
Quarterfinals: March 21
Semifinals: March 23-24
Finals: March 25

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