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Postseason Requirements

General Requirements (all levels): To be eligible for tournament consideration, an official must have completed or attended the current year rules meeting and officiated a minimum of 12 contests during the current season.
Regional or Semifinal/Final Level(s): An official must submit a season schedule to the MHSAA for review, have compiled at least 16 ratings over the previous three years, have (at minimum) a 3.0 three-year average rating, be listed as a Member in Good Standing with a Local Approved Association in the sport and complete and pass the current year rules exam (≥80%).
Postseason Limitations: An official that works a Semifinal/Final is ineligible for another Semifinal/Final consideration for the next three seasons.

Game Cards

  • Baseball Umpires Rating Card
    Cards will be filled in duplicate (one for home and one for visitor). For DHs, two sets of cards should be printed. For tournaments where the teams are not known, umpires should print a number of blank cards to be completed prior to the start of each game.

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