The MHSAA Student Legacy Officials Program was put in place to allow high school students to learn the skill of officiating in a controlled environment under the guidance, supervision and mentorship of a veteran MHSAA official. The structure of the program allows flexibility in the development of officials based on sport, background, skill set and officiating opportunities.

Student Legacy Officials Program FAQs


For those high school students (at least 14 years of age) interested in taking up officiating, but without a connected mentor official, please contact our office before registering. Laura, our Officials Registrar, would be happy to assist you in connecting with a local, veteran official. You can reach her at 517.332.5046 or by email at [email protected]. A mentor official is required before your registration can be completed.


For current mentor officials or someone considering becoming a mentor, a good resource to get you pointed in the right direction is the Officials Mentorship Program Manual. We also encourage you to work closely with other veteran officials and your Local Approved Association to ensure new Legacy Officials receive the necessary support in the start of their officiating careers.


The Legacy Program can also be used in coordination with a high school curriculum designed to teach sports officiating in one or more sports. The MHSAA is currently developing a course curriculum to be used for these types of classes that is expected to be available for distribution to schools in early November of 2022.

The MHSAA office can assist you with materials, training resources and connections with local officials in your area. If there is anything that we might be able to do to assist you in the instruction of your class or the registration of your students, please reach out to Laura ([email protected]) in our office.

Legacy Resources

The following forms will start you on your way for the MHSAA Legacy Program, either as a Legacy Official or as a Mentor:

Legacy/Mentor Banquet Photos

Legacy Spotlight