Media Credential Information

2022-23 Tournament Credential Request
Click here to submit a request for a 2022-23 MHSAA Tournament Pass. All requests should be made by your outlets' Sports Editor/Director or Photography Director.

Please note the following:

    • All media outlets requesting credentials to MHSAA Tournaments must: 
      • Be a Limited Liability Corporation or bonafide company registered to do business in the state of Michigan. 
      • Carry its own liability insurance and will hold harmless the MHSAA, tournament venues and all associated parties for any damages, illness, injuries or death occurring while covering an MHSAA tournament event.
      • Proof of business status and insurance coverage must be provided upon request.
    • By submitting a credentials request, the requesting party agrees to all of the MHSAA Terms & Conditions for media credential usage. 
    • No credential requests are guaranteed. 
    • The MHSAA reserves the right to deny any request for any reason. 
    • The MHSAA does not issue credentials for freelance writers, freelance or commercial photographers, or recruiting services. 
    • Outlets which are only providing game updates in social media will not be issued credentials.

For more information, refer to the MHSAA Multimedia Regulations


MHSAA Tournament Media Passes

The MHSAA will issue annually, Tournament Media Passes to those established media outlets which cover high school sports on a daily basis. These passes have come to be generally honored at regular-season contests, even though host sites are under no obligation to do so. Media outlets should call sites at which they wish to cover games in advance to secure access and entrance information - even if they already have an MHSAA-issued credential.

Most passes are issued at the beginning of the school year, but the MHSAA will fill requests on a per request basis throughout the year to accommodate additions to an outlet's staff, except during seasonal tournaments.  Media outlets needing individual Finals event passes can use the online form for respective sport.


For Regular-Season Games

Media outlets should call sites at which they wish to cover games in advance to secure access and entrance information.


MHSAA Credentialing Protocol - Pre Finals

Media outlets - including those which have MHSAA-issued credentials - should call sites at which they wish to cover games in advance for all District, Regional and Quarterfinal events, and for Semifinals and Finals in events not listed on this page in advance to secure access and entrance information.  THE MHSAA OFFICE DOES NOT ISSUE  CREDENTIALS FOR PRE-FINALS SITES.


MHSAA Credentialing Protocol - Finals

A Credential Request Form link will be made active as Finals events approach. In general, you may not apply for Finals credentials until after the Regional round of play is completed for a sport.    

The sports editor or sports director must make the original request.  Requests by individual staff members will be denied.