The Michigan High School Athletic Association, Inc. (MHSAA) is a private, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) and voluntary association for public, private and parochial secondary schools which choose to join and participate in the organization.  The primary function of the Association is to conduct postseason tournaments and to help member schools have rules and regulations to follow and enforce locally to promote equitable competition.  The MHSAA is a self-supporting organization and does not rely on taxpayer dollars from any agency of the state or federal government.

The MHSAA has been the governing party of its member high schools since 1924.  For almost a century, the MHSAA has built an organization that promotes sportsmanship, scholarship, safety and a sensible scope in school sports through four corporate values: communication, respect, integrity and excellence, with the mission of reinforcing the educational philosophy of school-sponsored sports.

Beginning in March, 2014, the MHSAA installed a Corporate Partnership Program, in conjunction with Rockbridge Sports Group.  This program will serve as a way for marketers and brands alike, which share in the philosophy and belief of the core values of the MHSAA, to participate in the support of our student-athletes, coaches, officials and families.

Corporate partnership opportunities range from presenting sponsorships and support for various championships, scholarships, special recognition awards for student-athletes, and the official provider of certain products (i.e. isotonic beverage, auto, insurance, grocery, game balls, etc.)

Our current partners supporting the MHSAA contribute various levels of annual support ranging from a minimum of $5,000 through six figure partnerships.  

There are numerous benefits of becoming a corporate sponsor of the Michigan High School Athletic Association.  With 750+ member high schools (and 800+ junior high/middle schools) across both the Lower and Upper Peninsula’s, a partnership provides access to a state-wide population of student-athletes and families from ages 14-18 and 18-54 from various ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  A partnership can provide a sense of support from your brand to a student, peer, and/or family member by enhancing their experience.  The recognition by your brand on the importance of high school athletics will create a statewide sentiment and will maximize brand awareness of a company’s products and/or services.

At the MHSAA, we are never satisfied with the experience we provide our voluntary members.  We feel, with your help, we can enhance this experience for our athletes, coaches, and families participating in high school sports with the MHSAA.  

Numerous opportunities are available depending on the exposure, specific program, and/or the associated benefits and return you desire.  The MHSAA will continue to develop and maintain loyal partner relationships as we ask you to join the MHSAA Corporate Partnership Program.

If your company or business is interested in supporting high school athletics through a corporate partnership, please contact Nick Brzezinski, GM of MHSAA Sports Properties, at 517.908.8327, or via email at [email protected].