Student Slogans From SCREAM: Sportsmanship Summit 2008

Sportsmanship Leads to Championships
Sportsmanship: It’s Contagious
Sportsmanship: The Way It Should Be Played
Here’s a Tip: Have Great Sportsmanship
Sportsmanship: It’s Not Your Action, It’s Your Reaction
Let’s Be Remembered By Our Sportsmanship
Don’t Flip, Have Great Sportsmanship
Sportsman-ship: The Vessel of Victory
Sportsmanship: No Mind Games, Just Sports
SPORTS: Sportsmanship, Pride, Opportunity, Respect, Teamwork, Success
Sportsmanship: Try It
Sportsmanship, Like Steak, Should Be Well Done
Sportsmanship: Let Your Game Do The Talking!
Sportsmanship: The Most Important Player On the Team
Sportsmanship Is In You