Student Created Content From Sportsmanship Summit 2006

During the 2006 Sportsmanship Summit series, students were asked to help the MHSAA develop a resource to promote sportsmanship. Among other things, the students developed slogans for promoting sportsmanship, they wrote public address announcements to be read by students before games, and they collected a list of positive chants and cheers that could be used by school cheering sections.

Below is a list of the best ideas from the Summits. Some ideas are brand new, while others have already proven to be effective in schools. Please use this resource to help promote sportsmanship at your school.


Students Promoting Outstanding Respect Through Sportsmanship
SportsmanSHIP – Hop on board
Sportsmanship – It starts with you!
Sportsmanship is contagious, is yours worth catching?
Sportsmanship: It’s a team thing!
Sportsmanship: Be a true champion
Sportsmanship: Do you have what it takes?
Sportsmanship: Success begins here.
Respect all, Fear None!
Be the best, cheer for the rest!
Victory is by chance. Sportsmanship is by choice.
Sportsmanship: It starts with you.
Sportsmanship: It makes the game.
Attitude matters – Set the tone.
Sportsmanship: Make it happen!


First of all I’d like to thank everyone for coming. We appreciate your support. The MHSAA would like to remind you to keep everything positive. Although winning is important, sportsmanship is the number one aspect to any game. Sportsmanship goes beyond the court and up into the stands. Thank you and good luck.

While you are watching or participating in this sporting event, the MHSAA asks that you engage in positive encouragement. We request that everyone set a good example both on and off the court for great sportsmanship. Put yourself in the players, officials, and family member’s position and ask yourself this question: “Are you representing your community to your fullest potential?” And remember…. “You can be part of the solution!”

Not showing good sportsmanship is totally lame;
Be sure to respect the players, coaches and the game.
Respect your opponents, don’t put them down;
Then you’ll be wearing that sportsmanship crown.
Parents stop yelling, you gotta’ chill;
Stop getting all up in the referee’s grill.
Keep a level head before joining the fray,
And follow the rules set down by the MHSAA.


When you see a mascot name – insert your own team mascot.
When I say “Hey”, you say “Ha” – “Hey. Ha”. When I say “Go”, you say “Defense” – “Go Defense”. Then everybody scream, “Ahhhh”!
“Oooh” (pitch goes up and down)Go Bulldogs (repeated once), Beat Chieftans (repeated once)
D-D-D-Defense, D-D-D-Defense
Here we go Vikings, here we go
Let’s go Vikings, lets go
Hold’em go bid D, stop’em S-T-O-P
Who’s got the power? RHS.
Hey crowd – hey what – hey crowd – hey what – yell go go go Hawks – go go go Hawks.
Who’s in the house? Big Reds in the house. Bow down, bow down.
Everybody do that Viking Rumble, everybody do that Viking Rumble –EVERYBODY RUMBLE!
If you want to win tonight shout it with all your might – we say go, you say fight – Go fight – Go fight.
Ooo, you traveled, you walked, you took too many steps. Next time you wanna travel take the bus…huh.
V-I-C-T-O-R-Y that’s the Mustang battle cry.
1, 2, 3 we love our varsity. 3,2,1 each and everyone.
Everyone starts going “ohhh” and then a free throw is made ohhh woosh
We are the mighty Cats and we are proudCome 7, come 11, come rickety, rackety, shackety town. Who can knock those Vikings down? Nobody, nobody, nobody.
Hey hey yo yo, come on Big Red, Let’s go.
We are the Orange Crush (3 times). Then a yah at the END.
First down, first down, first down -- move the chain.
Everybody do that Red Hawk rumble “Everybody Rumble!” x2.
Who’s house? Our house!
Let’s go Rockets (clap, clap, clap).
Go Green, Go White.
Quarterback pass, take it to the zone, when we yell blue, you yell bring it home.
Everywhere we go…..Defense, it’s up to you, block, tackle, hold, blue push through.
Who’s house, Blue’s house, who’s house, Blue’s house.
It’s a great day to be a Saxon.
Come on Eagles you can do it, GO GO GO.
R-O-W-D-I-E that’s the way we spell Rowdie. Rowdie, lets spell rowdie woo!
Hey Irish, hey what? Hey Irish, hey what? Do a cheer to let’em know here. GO GO GO IRISH.
We are Orange Crush.
It’s over there, where? It’s over there, where? No, it’s over there, where? It’s all over.
Bounce, bounce, bounce, pass, shot! Scramble!
We got spirit, yeah, yeah, we got spirit, yeah yeah, we got, oh oh oh oh, S-P-I-R-I-T!
Do it up, run it up, finish strong Saugatuck!!
Hey Central, what ya’ll feel like doing? Fire it up! Fire it up!