The National Federation High School Wrestling Rule Book requires scales to be certified annually.  Following will be found a method of testing scales which will satisfy the rules.  The testing should be repeated whenever the scales are moved or there is reason to believe that the scales are inaccurate.


  • Secure an approved, tested, 50 pound weight, and 300 pounds (approx.) of bricks, iron bars, sand, etc. to be used on the scale.
  • Adjust zero balance so tip of beam is in center of trig loop.
  • Check down weighing sensitivity at no load by moving poise two divisions to the right.  Tip of beam must move to the bottom of the trig loop.
  • Place 50 pound weight on all four corners and in center of the scale.  Record scale indication for each position.  Maximum error is ½ division.
  • With 50 pound test weight in the center of the Platform, note position of beam tip in the trig loop.  Remove the 50 pound test weight and add any mass to the same position of the platform until the beam tip is at the exact same position in the trig loop.  Add the 50 pound weight to the top of   the mass and record scale indication.  Maximum error is ½ division or (2 oz.).
  • Note position of beam tip in trig loop.  Remove 50 pound test weight and add mass to scale platform until beam tip is in the same exact position.  Add 50 pound test weight.  Record scale indication.  Maximum error (3 oz.).
  • Same as 4 and 5.  Weight indication 200 pounds.  Maximum error (4 oz.).
  • Same as 4, 5 and 6.  Weight indication 250 pounds.  Maximum error (4 oz.).
  •  Same as 4, 5, 6 and 7.  Weight indication 300 pounds.  Maximum error (6 oz.).
  • Check sensitivity as in (2).  Two divisions must move beam tip from center of trig loop to bottom.
  •  Remove all weights.  Scale must indicate zero.  Maximum error (½ division). 

                                                SCALE CERTIFICATION SERVICE

The Lansing Wrestling Officials Association:
Bill Allen 517-485-1420
Jim Walker 517-668-8189
Jeff Therrian 517-930-1102

Mid-Thumb Wrestling Officials Association:
Cal TerHaar 810-814-0844
Brad TerHaar 810-814-0891
Tony Leonardo 810-686-6055

All American Athletic Association:
Chad Davinich 248-688-4637

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