Michigan Power Ratings (MPR)

This page is a statewide listing of all Michigan Power Ratings (MPR) for teams entered into the MHSAA postseason tournament. The data updates every five minutes. Click on the column headings to sort the data. You can also use the drop down menu to show teams in one Division, or type a District number in the box to filter teams for that District.

MPR is calculated using wins, losses and ties for games played between teams entered into the MHSAA tournament. Scores of games, margin of victory and location of games are not included in the MPR formula. The final MPR number is 25% of the team's winning percentage, plus 50% of its opponent's winning percentage, plus 25% of its opponent's opponent's winning percentage.

For more detailed information about calculating MPR, learning more about the background of MPR, or for tips on using the MPR pages on this website, visit the MPR FAQ page. Also, see the final draw formulas for the 2022 Girls Basketball Districts (posted on 2/13/22). The final District brackets will be posted on Feb. 20. 


TIPS FOR CALCULATING MPR: When calculating your own winning percentage, you must use the "MPR Winning Percentage" (MPR W%). MPR winning percentage eliminates all games your team has played against teams that will not be in the MHSAA tournament. When calculating the winning percentage of a specific opponent, you must use the "Adjusted Winning Percentage" (ADJ W%). Adjusted winning percentage eliminates all games your team played against that opponent. For instance, if you beat a team with an overall record of 4-1, you actually use a record of 4-0 (1.000) for that team. If you lost to the team, use a record of 3-1 (.750). A tie is worth one-half win and one-half loss. The three winning percentage columns -- Winning % (W%), Opponent's Winning % (OW%) and Opponent's Opponent's Winning % (OOW%) -- are calculated using the average of all opponents in games that have already been played. Games against future opponents are not used in the calculation. On this page only three digits are shown to the right of the decimal, but MPR is actually calculated using MANY digits making ties highly unlikely.