2021 Junior High / Middle School Regionals

MHSAA JH/MS Cross Country Regionals  

Zone 1 – Portage Central HS – Saturday, Oct. 16 @ Portage West Middle School | RESULTS

Zone 2 – Hudson HS – Saturday, Oct. 23 @ Hudson High School | RESULTS

Zone 3 – Macomb Dakota HS – Saturday, Oct. 23 @ Dakota High School | RESULTS

Zone 4 – Midland HS – Saturday, Oct. 16 @ Northwood University | RESULTS

Zone 5 – Carson City- Crystal HS – Saturday, Oct. 23 @ Carson City- Crystal HS | RESULTS

Zone 6 – Grand Rapids Public Schools – Friday, Oct. 29 @ GRPS University | RESULTS

Zone 7 – Gaylord HS – Saturday, Oct. 23 @ Michaywe Golf Course | RESULTS

Zone 8 – Marquette HS  - Friday, Oct. 22  @ Gentz Homestead Golf Course | RESULTS

Here are some further details for the MHSAA JH/MS Cross Country Regional races for this Fall.

  • MHSAA JH/MS Regional races can be hosted anytime during the month of October at the eight preselected sites. This determination was made by the host school.
  • There is no cost and no entry fee for participation in the MHSAA JH/MS Regional race.
  • The eight preselected Cross Country Regional races are one per zone (see map).  Any MHSAA member JH/MS schools in that defined geographic area would be eligible to compete at the host site for their zone. 
  • The Regional races will be done by gender in each zone.  There will be two regional races of 2 miles at each site – one girls and one boys.  If race sizes get too large, a host school can separate into two sections of races per gender to better accommodate racers.  
  • A school can determine who will compete for that school.  A school can enter no runners, one runner or 20 runners dependent upon the size of their school.
  • Athletic.net will be used as the registration platform for the MHSAA JH/MS Cross Country Regional for schools, teams and individuals.  Those Regional races have been created in Athletic.net and are listed on that site for entry.
  • The MHSAA JH/MS Regional race will NOT be counted against the schools’ MHSAA contest limit in JH/MS Cross Country.
  • MHSAA trophies and medals will be awarded in each gender.  The top 20 in each gender will receive medals while the top team will also receive an MHSAA team trophy.
  • MHSAA host schools will hire at least one MHSAA registered XC official to start and officiate the Regional.
  • The MHSAA will provide bib numbers for each MHSAA JH/MS XC Regional race and participant. 
  • The admission policy will be either $6.00 per person or $10 per carload.  Digital Ticketing can be used via GoFan.   

Remember that a school will use Athletic.net to enter their runners, 1 to 50 and they must be an MHSAA member school at the JH/MS level in order to compete in this MHSAA event.  This Regional meet DOES NOT count against their season maximum of 10 regular season meets as this is a post season MHSAA event.

Cross Country Image