Scholar-Athlete Award

For over 20 years, Farm Bureau Insurance has sponsored the MHSAA's Scholar-Athlete Award.  This year, 32 $1,000 scholarships will be available to high school seniors who have 3.5 GPA and have earned at least one varsity prior to their senior.  The application deadline is in the fall and the winners will be announced at the Boys Basketball Finals in March.

Women In Sports Leadership Award

The MHSAA WISL Award is presented each year by the Representative Council. The Council considers the achievements of women coaches, officials and athletic administrators affiliated with the MHSAA who show exemplary leadership capabilities and positive contributions to athletics.

Allen W. Bush Award

The Bush Award is bestowed annually to an administrator, coach, official, trainer, doctor, or member of the media who has at least 15 years of experience in Michigan interscholastic athletics with unusually frequent and significant contributions to the MHSAA.

Charles E. Forsythe Award

The Forsythe Award is awarded to individuals who epitomize excellence throughout the interscholastic community and is named after Charles E. Forsythe, who was the Director of the MHSAA from 1931 to 1968.

Vern L. Norris Award

The Norris Award is presented to an athletic official with 20 or more years of registration with the MHSAA who works at the high school level. He or she must also have been active in a local officials' association, mentored other officials, and have been involved in officials’ education.

NFHS Hall of Fame

The National High School Sports Hall of Fame was started in 1982 to honor high school athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and others for their extraordinary achievements in high school sports. Members of the National High School Sports Hall of Fame are approved annually through a two-level selection process, involving a screening committee composed of active high school administrators, coaches, officials and state association administrators, and a final selection committee composed of highly respected athletic, education and business leaders around the nation.

Michigan Association of Broadcasters Award

The Sports Public Service Announcement category of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation Student Broadcasting Awards is a way to help tell the story of educational athletics. The MHSAA recognizes that the lessons taught in school sports extend to all students involved, whether they are players, trainers, managers, statisticians and those given the opportunity to help recognize their achievements through audio and video. 


Scholar-Athlete 2019 Class


2021 WISL
Dorene Ingalls


2020 Bush
Tim Johnston 

2020 Bush
Mark Mattson 


2020 Bush
Michael Roy
2020 Bush
Christian Wilson


2020 Forsythe
Leroy Hackley


2020 Forsythe
Patti Tibaldi

bush 2

2021 Norris
Lew Clingman