2004 Lower Peninsula
Cross Country Finals Qualifiers

The deadline for corrections to these lists has passed.



LP Finals Nov. 6 at
Michigan International Speedway Brooklyn

IMPORTANT PARKING NOTICE: Due to construction, general spectator parking
may be moved to a different location than in previous years.
School teams and personnel are urged to use infield parking.
Vehicles taller than 9 feet will not be allowed to enter the infield.


Friday, Nov. 5, 2004
3:30 - 5 p.m. Packet pick up at new site:
Super 8 Hotel, Brooklyn

Saturday, Nov. 6, 2004
7:30 a.m. Entrance Opens
(Packet pickup, T-shirt sales & course review)

10:00 a.m. Division 3 Girls
10:30 a.m. Division 4 Girls
11:00 a.m. Division 3 Boys
11:30 a.m. Division 4 Boys

12:15 p.m. Division 3 & 4 Awards

1:30 p.m. Division 2 Girls
2:00 p.m. Division 1 Girls
2:30 p.m. Division 2 Boys
3:00 p.m. Division 1 Boys

3:45 p.m. Division 2 & 1 Awards

Admissions: There will be an allowance for free admission for up to 12 team members in uniform, plus a total of three coaches or managers in combination. Spectators will be charged $5 each. Free parking. Visibly worn passes will allow coaches and officials to restricted areas other than infield and course. Programs and t-shirts will be on sale throughout the day, subject to availability.

Details of the Course: The entire course will be laid out with a yellow line. If a sharp curve appears on the course, flags will indicate directions: “Red to left”, “Yellow to right” and “Blue straight through”. Any white lines on the course are simply for crowd control. Athletes do not have to stay between these lines, but must go around all other natural or man-made barriers.

Markers and timing clocks will designate the mile, two-mile, and three-mile marks.

The finish line will be clearly marked in front of the grandstand.